Nationwide Spread Internet, Cellular phone
And negative effects to children.

Computer communication technology has brought huge benefits.
However children have suffered from a number of negative effects that the technology brings.
For the past five years, cellular phones connected with Internet have increased rapidly in Japan. Especially almost high school students every teenager has gotten a cellular phone. Furthermore many children, high school and middle school children have been involved in crime by using cellular phone.

The notable issue is the flood of illegal and dangerous information and materials that incite hatred, violence and rape stimulated by unhealthy contacts images on the Internet.

They are getting money from adults by Fraud. Cellular phones help make some children become swindlers.
Furthermore, thanks to new mobile phone technology, there were 400 cases child prostitution reported to the police in 2002.
Deai kei Saito Sites, websites for meeting people are functioning as lonely hearts club facades for pornography on the internet. An increasing number of such websites have been devoted to enable adults to meet schoolgirls for sex. Such girls' prostitution is called Enjo kosai instead of being labeled prostitutes.

Our NETIZEN vil.

As Nationwide Spread Cellular phone and Internet using, child protection remains of great concern to people in Japan, and civil society groups have established several community efforts to reduce crime among.

We, Netizen Village are a one of active civil society group in Japan. Netizen Vil. is a private organization for working together for shutting harmful information on Internet out of our children's eyes. We have been saving our children against noxious sites on Internet. Netizen Vil. nonprofit organization (division of Institute of Civil Society) has been doing lot of effort to support children on Internet.

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The Pitfalls of a Mobile Phone

These following documents are published weekly on a news paper named The Shinano Mainichi Shimbun sice January 2003 to July 2003. All rights are reserved to Professer Hirotsugu Shimoda of Gunma University and The Shinano Mainichi Shinbun.

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